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The following are part of Larry Dobsonís vision of community, submitted for discussion by the Villatopia group
~ As the family expands, so expands the vision ~
~ whatí do you see? ~


FOUNDATION beliefs and aspirations of VILLATOPIA

~ * ~

  • It is time for a radical universal change in consciousness
  • All aspects of our being ~ physical, mental, emotional, spiritual are essential parts of this transformation
  • The Law of Attraction brings us just what we need:
    > We get what we focus on, be it fear or joy
    > We get what we ordered, to be welcomed as a timely gift
    > Impassioned intent, absolute faith and allowing are keys to manifesting our new reality
  • We each come with gifts for the world, which determine the evolution of our community and its relationships with the outer world and nature
  • Every spec of  Creation is alive and lovably intertwined with us all
  • We strive to create a rich and harmonious setting in the spirit of Permaculture to facilitate this connection


FUNDAMENTAL guiding principles of VILLATOPIA


  • JOY
  • WE
  • I


   THERE IS ALWAYS A COMMON WAYInvolute as envelope of circles

Heart tree block printdiscovered at the source

enriched on the journey

of Unity through Diversity

z E Pluribus Unum  z


~  Joy * Happiness * graceful gratitude * fearless faith ~

We are evolving into a new species, where play and communion are the way,
but we are yet in transit, in both worlds.
So we can earn money to prosper and manifest the vision by providing a

Transformation Center

  ~ an Experimental Laboratory of Symbiotic Living for the world, so powerful and priceless that it will serve all who come.  Yet all elements of the facilities and potential programs will work so efficiently together that expenses will be lower, rewards higher and richly fulfilling.  It can be an incubator village, exploring new frontiers of being the change we came for.

The Time has come to rejoin our tribe, our family of loving friends, to found a new community of cooperation, trust and service, one designed to heal ourselves and the surrounding community, where all aspects of living are delightfully and elegantly integrated into an organic whole. We wish to live and work in concert with kindred spirits, to discover how much richer life can be when we discover a common vision and go for it. As we transform we can prepare cocoons with loving nurture and create a safe haven to birth the slumbering truth of our grander human potential, a new humanity of loving unity in a field of delightful diversity. We wish to be part of a global village network, where fellow Gaia-nauts connect in larger purpose and we feel our intimate kinship with all life. Without true community we are powerless to accomplish this grandiose yet imperative dream.



  • A destination for residents and guests to forget old programs and live new possibilities of loving harmony.
  • Alternative Reality Playground for all ages and persuasions, from exciting physical adventures to contemplative spiritual meditation.
  • Learn through mutual play in a mythically inspired village ~ forget to worry and think too much to be we.
  • Celebrate life and swing through the trees, climb nets, walk tight rope and rope bridges to the tree dwellings.
  • Live in transforming dwellings that let you sleep out under the stars or cozy inside, open to the breezes or snuggled in tight.
  • Sleep in a quiet cave, in the deep woods, out on the meadow, up on a peak, in a tree village, over the creek, down by the pond, wherever you seek.
  • Escape from cubicles of past imprisonment, the tyranny of the Right Angle.  Resonate together in focused intent around a conference table in an elliptical communion chamber, hear music in a concert hall with no echo.
  • Experience fundamental geometry, physics, acoustics, structural engineering principles, including math and chemistry from inside out. Reflect yourself in halls of fundamental reverberation, in mirrored rooms of atomic domains, climb into gold atoms and spinning merkabahs.
  • Explore new frontiers of learning, in the classroom and out in the field.  (Learn the fundamentals with
    Professor FUNdamental, exploring soap bubbles, magical puzzles, elementary blocks and Thinkertoy creations.)
  • Learn organic permaculture principles of symbiotic living, from fertile fields to cozy hearth.
  • Physical stretching and jumping for joy on trampoline, trapeze, areal fabric and Crystal Circus Swing.
  • Learn Circus skills like stiltwalking, juggling, balancing, refining coordination, clowning around, diving into grace and make-believe and magic, mastering the impossible.
  • Or just go along for the ride over hill and dale on the electric tram trolley or zipline that takes you for a quiet ride through nature. Use the same system to haul up firewood, send dinner to the shop, send grandma and the groceries home.
  • Serve the surrounding community and interconnect worlds.
  • Invent new ways of being and doing and evolving ~ Be the Change

Want to get involved?

email: dancer@stiltman.com